TV Life

Growing up, I loved watching TV news.  Sure, there were stories from across the globe, but also hair helmets, brightly colored pant-suits and witty banter between co-anchors and your friendly weather person. I was hooked.

So, when it came time to choose a career path, I was the rare 18 year old who knew what I wanted to do.

I love telling stories. I love connecting with new people. I hate being the last to know something.

I went to Fordham University in New York City and interned at the Oxygen Network and Fox News Channel. When 9/11 happened, I switched to reporting for WFUV radio and found myself at ground zero or at city hall alongside network reporters. I was clueless, but determined.

After a couple years at various stations in Louisville, Kentucky, I had a chance to move home to Cleveland and work for WKYC.

We have a running joke in the newsroom that every big story has a Cleveland connection, and more often than not, it rings true.

I’ve covered the “Miracle in Cleveland” where 3 missing girls escaped 10 years of captivity in a man’s house. I covered the Republican National Convention where I found myself face to face with President Trump’s top advisors who are now being investigated for Russian ties. And before we could take a breath, LeBron James brought home the city’s first national championship.

I know this probably sounds glamorous, but it’s crazy hours and a lot of work. And since I started at WKYC, I got married, worked through two pregnancies and am now raising two hilarious little toddlers.

Here is where you’ll find the highlights of my day, my career and the moments that make all the sleepless nights worth it.

Live with the Today Show
Interviewing Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former advisor