The Mod Mom

One night, 5 of us new moms miraculously snuck out for dinner.

We ordered drinks, we looked over the menu and it wasn’t even a few minutes into small talk we started discussing our schedules, major parenting hurdles that made us feel like failures and long, boring “to do” list.

One of us works 9 to 5, the other works from home, one just went through divorce, one decided to put her career on hold and I work overnight so I can be with my kids during the day.

Before the round of drinks could be served, we looked at each friend with raw honesty and sympathy, and said “I don’t know how you do it…

That’s the first moment I felt inspired to write this blog.

The final straw that pushed me into action was when I picked up a women’s magazine (which shall remain nameless) and read a headline “Work Life Balance is a Sham.”

The article talked about how difficult it is to juggle all the responsibilities of a career, young kids, a relationship and a household. But the take away message was “don’t try to be perfect.”

Ummmmmm … not to slam any other author or mom trying to make a buck, but perfection went out the window the day I came back to work from maternity leave with baby barf in my hair and my hands-free breast pump bra accidentally hanging out the back of my coat.

As a journalist, I need more concrete answers than that. I need real information to make my life easier.

We are trailblazers. 

More women than ever before in any other generation are in the workforce. And according to data the Bureau of Labor Statistics sent me, we have seen a steady increase in our employment and pay. We are on a roll!!

But we have no one to turn to to ask, how did you do it?

For most of us, our mothers either stayed at home or worked part time. Even if they carried a full time job, they weren’t told to “Lean In” or break that glass ceiling.

So when we ask, “how are we going to pull this off?”, we only have each other to lean on and look for answers.

That’s my goal here. Let’s start figuring this out together. Send me your concerns and obstacles, I’ll try to find answers. And in the meantime, please forgive the imperfection.