Ghostly Floating Heads

Not a scary clown person? I’m right there with you. And as much as I love the house-sized skeleton displays, I probably would forget to take it down until Easter. So, when it comes to Halloween decorations, I go for the more subtle, but eerie vibe.

Let’s get out there right away: I ripped this off of a Martha Stewart post. That lady knows how to craft! And even though I didn’t recreate these cheesecloth ghosts in the exact same way, the elegant effect is the same. These ghosts are creepy and beautiful all at the same time.

With very few materials, this was easy and cheap to make!


  1. Cut the cheesecloth to desired length. To do this, I folded the cheesecloth so it was double the thickness and let it drape over the mannequin head. I used about a yard and a half for each.
  2. Make sure to cut any folds. To elaborate, if you’ve folded your cheesecloth to achieve the double thick layer, make sure you cut along the fold line. The cheesecloth will get stringy at the ends, which adds to the creepy factor.
  3. With a hot glue gun, place dabs of glue around the crown of the head, base of the skull, the eyes, mouth and nose of the mannequin head.
  4. Carefully (maybe using rubber gloves), press the cheesecloth down on all of the glue points. The glue will be hot, so make sure not to touch it with your skin.
  5. Here’s the tricky part: how to attach the string at the top or however you are going to hang it. I used a flat thumbtack at the top, wound clear elastic string around it and then glued it down. If you have hooks with a screw bottom, that could work, too. Whatever is secure enough for you to hang them.

As the heads floated from the tree in the days leading up to Halloween, I had neighbors stop and tell me how much they loved them. I hope you love them just as much!

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