Went apple picking? Now what…

We all do it. Find the perfect fall day, dress the kids up like trendy farmers and set off to pick our own apples for Instagram worthy reasons.

I fork over $30 for a huge plastic bag per kid.

“Fill it to the top!” I tell them.

We all know those apples would be about a third of the price at a grocery store. But we’re here for the experience and memories.

“I’m totally going to bake a pie,” I say to one other mom. She nods in agreement and says “me too.”

But when I got home, beads of sweat break out along my forehead as I think of all the peeling I’ll have to do. I can’t let these apples go to waste, but who has time for pie?!?

I have small windows of time to cook or bake. Sometimes peeling isn’t an option (too time consuming). So here are my favorite recipes to use at least some of my farm fresh apples.

Crispy Bacon, Apple and Brussel Sprouts

Smokey bacon paired with tart apples and roasted brussel sprouts makes for the perfect weeknight side dish. The bacon crisps up to perfection as the apples bake, making this something you’ll want to eat at every meal. Click here for the recipe.

The perfect fall side dish!

Cast Iron Apple Crisp

Put on your cozy sweater and take in the rich spices of this Cast Iron Apple Crisp. From cardamom to ground cloves and even a little cayenne pepper, this exquisite combination of fall flavors will warm you. This recipe was a joy to make and heaven to eat. Just get your stretchy pants ready. Click here for the recipe.

You’ll want to eat the entire skillet

Pumpkin Apple Muffins

These muffins barely lasted a day in my house. So, it’s a good thing they are easy to whip up on a Sunday afternoon or after school. The grated tart apples and pumpkin keep the muffins soft for days. It’s a combination of all the fall spices you love, with an easy sugar crisp coating the top. Click here for the recipe.

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