The 3 resolutions I make every year (and stick to)

I LOVE resolutions. I find a clean desk calendar with nothing written on it and no coffee stains (yet) so extremely refreshing. I love the hope of walking near the pool with enviable abs. I love having something to focus on now that the holiday decorations are clear and I’m stuck indoors for a few […]

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Happiness doesn’t come easy, but choose the right “hard”

I clutch my sweater to my chest, close my eyes and take a deep breath. Do I feel “joy”? I mean, I like this sweater. But it doesn’t feel like hugging a puppy. This sweater is not as trendy as the Kon-Marie closet purge. In addition to trying out the Marie Kondo method (which I […]

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Survival of the Fittest: ways to get your tot to play nice

This post originally appeared on Lionheart Lamb “Did you hear what your daughter did?” Those are never the words you want to hear from your child’s preschool teacher, but that was what I was hit with as soon as I walked through the door. “Ummm No,” I said, obviously worried. I was picking up my […]

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