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Most of my day is spent chasing after toddlers


If you are reading this, you’ve found where I keep my deepest. darkest secrets.

Totally kidding. But this is a place where I exercise a creative outlet.

I saw a meme over the last year that read: “Simmer down, Karen. There’s no award for best quarantine mom.” I chuckled. Then I stifled a cry a little. No, there’s no award. That’s because no one is winning at juggling all of this insanity in a graceful manner. But can’t we at least get a “participation trophy” in the form of an all-expense paid beach vacation?

As I cook and DIY myself into the upcoming months (maybe years?), this is where I’ll share my projects with you. None of it is award winning. But why not have a little fun?

Ghostly Floating Heads

Not a scary clown person? I’m right there with you. And as much as I love the house-sized skeleton displays, I probably would forget to take it down until Easter. So, when it comes to Halloween decorations, I go for the more subtle, but eerie vibe. Let’s get out there right away: I ripped this…

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Create a fresh, asymmetrical fireplace garland

I love the asymmetrical garlands I’ve been seeing in catalogues, but I didn’t want to pay the high price tag for them. Luckily, thanks to the wreath making workshop I go to every year, I knew how to do it on the cheap.

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