Most of my day is spent chasing after toddlers


If you are reading this, you’ve found where I keep my deepest. darkest secrets.

Totally kidding. But this is a place where I exercise a creative outlet.

I saw a meme over the last year that read: “Simmer down, Karen. There’s no award for best quarantine mom.” I chuckled. Then I stifled a cry a little. No, there’s no award. That’s because no one is winning at juggling all of this insanity in a graceful manner. But can’t we at least get a “participation trophy” in the form of an all-expense paid beach vacation?

We’ve all been forced to become “Pinterest parents”, making charts and doing our best to teach that math “we would never use in real life.” Or many of us put on a few extra pounds, and now must try to undo the bad habits we developed at the onset of staying in. I mean really, it was the worst of times and it was the worst of times.

As I cook and DIY myself into the upcoming months (maybe years?), this is where I’ll share my projects with you. None of it is award winning. But why not have a little fun?

Lemon, White Bean and Tahini Soup

Soup in the spring seems like a contradiction. But, especially when you live North like I do, chilly spring days still happen. But, I promise you, the combination of lemon with tahini and vegetables won’t make you feel like autumn. I stumbled on the idea of putting tahini in soup when I was surfing Pinterest. […]

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My Go-To Greens: Kale & Sprout salad

Raise your hand if you love kale! … no hands? Kale is one of those greens that you know you should eat, but it’s hard to find a recipe you want everyday. Call it a unicorn, but I’ve found mine and I keep this in the fridge at all times. This salad is packed with […]

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Spare a square for the environment (And other ways to save the Earth)

As we turned into our driveway, we could see a huge cardboard box that had been delivered on our doorstep. The words: “Who gives a Crap” was clearly visible in big black letters on the side. “It’s here!” I said enthusiastically as my husband looked horrified. I’m sure the box was on the porch for […]

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